WaFL’s All-in-One XT60 and Capacitor

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Takes our previous XT60 Cap Cap design and combines it with a high-quality Panasonic FM capacitor and genuine Amass connector!

We wanted to take it a step further when it came to making our customers’ build more convenient. The FM series capacitor is the de facto standard for FPV, due to its low ESR, and the Genuine Black Amass XT60 not only looks amazing against the black PCB and Capacitor but is also the highest quality XT60 connector available.

Just cut the 125mm wire to length, solder to your ESC or PDB, and you’re good to go!

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  • Voltage Support: 2-6s
  • Weight: 16.5g (+/- 10%) per unit (With Full Length Wires)
  • Dimensions: Each unit is 21.5mm x 16.5mm (+/- 10%), and 25.2mm tall (+/- 10%) excluding wires. The 14awg silicone wires are 125mm long.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x WaFL’s All-in-One XT60 and Capacitor