ToolkitRC MC8 Multi-Functional 2-8S Battery Checker

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The latest from Toolkit is a feature packed multi purpose cell checker with a big, bright, easy to read display. Not only can you check cell voltages and balance your packs, you can also monitor the PWM/PPM/SBUS output of receivers, generate PWM output to test servos and ESCS, and use your LiPos for device charging (up to 20W PD)!  Check the video below to see what it can do!

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  • Large Color Screen 
  • Battery Status Display
  • PWM/PPM/SBUS Readout
  • PWM Output
  • One Touch Battery Balancer
  • PD Fast Charging
  • Metal Roller UI Control
  • Innovative Slider Output Control


  • LCD:  2" IPS 320x240
  • Dimensions: 68x50x15mm
  • Weight: 50g


  • Main Input port: XT60 7.0-35.0V 
  • Balance input: 0.5V-5.0V Lixx 2-8S
  • Signal port input: <6.0V
  • Balance current: MAX 60mA @2-8S
  • Balance accuracy: <0.005V @ 4.2V
  • USB-A output: 5.0V@1.0A firmware upgrade
  • USB-C output: 5.0V-12.0V @MAX 20W
  • USB-C protocol: PD3.0 QC3.0 AFC SCP FCP


  • PWM: 880-2200us @20-400Hz
  • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
  • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz


  • PWM: 1000-2000us @20-1000Hz
  • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
  • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz


  • 1x Toolkit RC MC 8 Multi-Functional 2-8S Battery Checker