ToolkitRC M9 Multi Function 600W 20A DC Smart Charger W/ Audio Function & Diagnostic Tool

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Introducing ToolkitRC's next gen battery charger and diagnostic tool. New features of this charger include a 0-85 degree tilting display so you no longer have to be directly over your charger to see battery status. Combine this with the new customizable voice alerts and welcome screen to make it easier than ever to identify the status of the charger. The M9 is capable of charging 2-8S batteries at 800w and 20A so no matter if your charging some 2S whoop batteries or 8S Cinelifter batteries the M9 has you covered. Need to charge a USB device like your phone or tablet? The M9 has a USB type C and USB Type A ports that can charge at 65W. The M9 also has a servo tester, cell checker, a watt meter, PWM/PPM/Sbus input testers and output generators along with a variable voltage and amperage DC output control!

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  • Input Voltage: 7-35V @MAX 25A
  • Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion LTO @ 1-8S, NiMh @ 1-20S, Pb @1-10S
  • Bal Current: 1000mA @4.2V
  • Charging Power 600W @ 20A
  • Discharging Power Normal Mode: 20W @3A
  • Discharging Recycle Mode: 600W @20A
  • USB Charging: 65W @ 5-20V


  • PWM: 880us-2200us @20-400Hz
  • PPM: 880us-2200us*8Ch @20-50hz
  • SBUS: 880us-2200us*16ch @20-100Hz
  • Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V @1-8S
  • Internal Resistance: 0.1mR-99R @1-8S
  • ESC: 600W @ 20A


  • PWM: 500us-2500us @20-1000Hz
  • PPM: 880us-2200us*8ch @20-50hz
  • SBUS: 880us-2200us*16ch @ 20-100Hz
  • Power Supply: 1-35V @ 1-20A Mode: CC CV
  • Overcurrent Response: <5ms


  • LCD: IPS 2.4 Inch LCD 320x240
  • Size: 108mm*71mm*36mm
  • Product Weight: 235g
  • Packing Size: 135mm*81mm*44mm
  • Packaging Weight: 330g


  • 1 x ToolkitRC M9 Multi Function 600W 20A DC Smart Charger W/ Audio Function & Diagnostic Tool

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