T-Motor H7 MINI ICM Flight Controller 20x20mm

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The T-Motor H7 MINI ICM FC provides efficient power and control capabilities for your drone. It features a high-performance ICM42688P gyroscope that provides excellent stability and smooth operation. The mini size makes it easy to install, while low ripple current ensures a reliable electrical connection. Enjoy responsive, dependable control with T-Motor's H7 MINI ICM FC.

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  • MCU:STM32H743
  • Gyro: ICM42688P
  • Barometer:DPS310
  • BEC: 5V/2A, 10V/1.5A
  • Black box:16MB
  • Interface:8
  • Installation size: 20*20mm/Φ4mm
  • Size: 27*30.8mm
  • Dual voltage BEC support both of HD&Analog;
  • Gyroscope independent power supply to avoid interference from other electrical equipment;
  • Recommendation: F60A MINI ESC/ MINI F45A ESC/MINI F66A ESC+F60PROV/F40 PROV...
  • Suitable for 5" fpv drone racing, 3.5" cinematic, 5" freestyle

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x T-Motor H7 MINI ICM Flight Controller 20x20mm