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The most anticipated prop in the micro world.

Material: PC
Lenght: 65mm
Mounting: 1.5mm 
Package includes: 5 Sets (5 x CW BLUE , 5 x CCW BLUE , 5 x CW ORANGE , 5 x CCW ORANGE)
Every bag comes with a Pyrodrone or Dr. Pyro Sticker!

This prop has been specifically tailored to Kabab FPV's specifications. It is a very light blade and is intended to be used on 'Toothpick class' quads with an AUW ~73g and motor sizes of 0802 - 1203.
The prop may look similar to the KK 65mm but it is in fact all new and custom designed. The performance is not the same as the KK 65mm and even Sergio can tell a significant difference.
Compared to the KK 65mm, this prop will be faster, more power, slightly better control and draw about the same amps.

Comparison chart courtesy of Micro Motor Test Lab
*This Pyro65mm is the blue line with triangles.

Props of this size and in this light blade category do not perform the same in static environments such as a bench test compared to open air flying.
A couple grams and milliamps difference on the bench is usually amplified significantly in actual flight.
It is just about impossible to tell what a prop will feel like in the air by looking at bench tests. maximum recommended AUW for best performance: 79g (less is better)