PandaRC VT5804M V2 30x30 5.8GHz25-600mW VTX MMCX

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Output power is stable and transmission distance is far: ≥0.5km 25mW, ≥1km 200mW, ≥2km 600mW (stick antenna).

Switchable transmitting power, including 0mW / 25mW / 100mW / 200mW / 400mW / 600mW mode.

Output 48 frequency points, and have E group, F group 8 competing frequency at the same time using each other without interference.

Frequency lock fast, boot does not interfere with companions.

Comes with output power self-test function.

Full format video format: NTSC / PAL.

Wide input voltage range and low power consumption: 7V-24V, +12V/260mA 600mW.

Installation hole corresponds to 30x30 stacks.


Input voltage: 7-24V

Output Power: 25/100/200/400/600mw switchable

Frequency: 5.8G 48CH

Connector: MMCX

Mounting: 30.5x30.5mm

Weight: 12g


1x PandaRC VT5804M V2 30x30 5.8GHz 25-600mW VTX - MMCX

HAM license is required for operation on HAM channels, and HAM power levels! The VTX ships with only legal channels enabled, please consult the manual on unlocking procedure.