MINIMORTAL V2 T ANTENNA 915MHz for TBS Crossfire Nano RX

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This is Version 2 designed for 915Mhz and lighter than the previous version.

Designed by : Michael Anderson  Made by: TBS

Designed to be small, light, and easy to use. You CANNOT expect full range from this antenna. In fact, you cannot even expect half range with this antenna.
That is NOT its purpose.
It’s intended for micros and super Whoops. Many 5" racers would likely prefer this as well as it is very light and easier to use than some other options.

The quality of this antenna is supreme. The active elements are made of the same thick and super durable wire as the Immortal T. It’s simply fantastic. You will appreciate it when you feel it.

Compatible with TBS Nano RX receiver

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  • Originally designed by: Michael Anderson
  • Designed for 915mhz
  • Weight: 0.7g (~0.25g less than original)
  • Optimized by TBS for improved performance
  • Manufactured by TBS
  • ~35mm stem
  • ~58mm wide antenna (this is not the length of the functional elements)

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