HDZero VRX - Digital HD Receiver Module

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Product Details

The HDZero VRX enables new pilots to join the HDZero community!

New Features

  • 4x external SMA antenna connections to allow you to pick your own antennas for best performance
  • Mounting rails to allow for custom patch and other antennas to be secured
  • Real Time Clock for DVR recording to show accurate time and date
  • ELRS Backpack expansion plug
  • Ambient Audio Recording

HDZero VRX mounts to the front of your goggle in the same manner as before using the included fan guard mount.

The VRX is compatible with any goggle which supports HDMI input.

Four SMA jacks allow you to pick the right antennas for your situation. Racing or flying around the house? All omni antennas work well. Outdoor applications benefit from the TrueRC slide on patch antennas which can mount to the front rails or design your own slide on antenna solution (CAD example file will be provided).

The real time clock (RTC) automatically timestamps your DVR recordings to make it easier to review footage.

ELRS Backpack expansion plug makes it easy to add automatic channel switching and other features from Express LRS.

Ambient audio recording captures the sound near you so you can hear lap times called out and pilot commentary.

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