Five33 Lightswitch 5" FPV Racing Drone Frame Body Kit

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The design constraints were simple. Lighter, Stronger, more convenient , and at whatever cost that entails. We wanted to pursue the next level of racing frames.

Check out our Five33 Ligthswitch Parts and the rest of our Five33 Products!

Starting from square one on a new frame this year was quite the challenge, but with the team we brought together of amazing pilots the good ideas never stopped flowing! Being so confident in our first prototype that we bought dozens of frames to outfit our pilots, only to have a fatal design flaw that forced us to drop the design all together was quite discouraging. But we didn’t stop. Once Armando started drawing on napkins I knew something spectacular was around the corner. And the LiteSwitch is born! The world class list of pilots flying these at IO will leave no one doubting the legitimacy of this new model, and you can keep an eye out for all the podium finish posts coming throughout the week.
Time is anyones biggest enemy while on the track, every second counts, if you want to shave the milliseconds, invest in the gear and company that does it ever weekend! Thanks so much to our amazing customer base as we near 3 years in business, we would not be where we are without you all and we cannot wait for the next 30!

By making the switch:

  • Noical cut 20g
  • Shames cut 21g
  • Mondo cut 15g
  • Headsup cut 15g
  • MCK cut 15g

So, make the light switch!


        Package Includes:

        • 1 x Five33 Lightswitch 5" FPV Racing Drone Frame Body Kit