CLRACING F7 MPU6000 V2.2 ESC COMBO The stack for RACERS - 30x30mm

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Another version of the popular CLRacing F7 Dual Gyro stack. This new stack is very similar with the previous with the exception of single MPU6000 Gyro instead of dual. This makes the stack less sensitive to vibrations and noisy builds.

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  • 1. MCU: STM32F722RET6 216MHz
  • 2. MPU6000 Single Gyro
  • 3. Build in Beta flight OSD
  • 4. Up to 8S(36V) direct battery power
  • 5. Build in Voltage monitoring resistor
  • 6. Build in 5V/3A BEC and 3.3V/250mA for system
  • 7. Led strip share 5V with 5V/3.0A BEC
  • 8. 5V OR VBAT, camera and VTX POWER VIA Pit Switch
  • 9. 6 Full UARTS: UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4, UART5, UART6
  • 10. Build in Camera Control pin with necessary resistor and capacitor near camera connection
  • 11. Buzzer pads for external buzzer
  • 12. VBAT Polarity protection
  • 13. Build in 32MB Blackbox flash chip
  • 14. M4 Can be selected either led strip signal or M4 signal for RPM filtering


  • LIPO: 2-6S LIPO
  • Weight:13.5g
  • Firmware: Blheli_32
  • Size : 43.5mm x 46.5mm
  • Mounting : 30.5mm x 30.5mm / ID 4mm
  • Con.Current:45A, Peak 55A @10s
  • Support: Dshot300-1200/MultiShot/OneShot/ProShot/PMW
  • Connection: PNP with CLRACING F7 FC, with JST1.0 8 pin connector or soldering pads
  • Current scale: 250


  • 1 x CLRACING F7 MPU6000 V2.2 ESC COMBO The stack for RACERS - 30x30mm
  • 10 x M3*5mm nylon thread through spacers
  • 5 x M3*25mm nylon screws
  • 5 x M3 nylon nuts
  • 5 x Yellow Grummits
  • 2 x 14 AWG 80mm Silicone wires
  • 1 x connection cable
  • 1 x Amass XT60
  • 1 x Rubycon 1000uf 35v ZLH capacitor