BETAFPV BT3.0 550mAh 2S Battery (2PCS)

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As pilots seek greater flight power, they require a robust battery to unleash their quadcopter's full potential. This formidable LiHV battery features the groundbreaking Z-Folding Process, surpassing traditional Winding Processes in capacity and discharge thresholds. With an impressive 75C discharge rate, performance soars. Its innovative design embodies explosive power, reminiscent of molten lava, making it the better choice for cinewhoop or racing drone batteries, enabling remarkable propulsion. Equipped with a BT3.0 connector, it combines balance charging and discharge power cord functionalities into a single connector, embodying power and efficiency. 

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Compatible Charger: BetaFPV BT3.0 2S Battery Charger and Voltage Tester


Bullet Points:

  • Featuring the Z-Folding Process, it achieves a 5% energy density upgrade compared to the Winding Process. With a boosted discharge rate of 75C, it provides greater burst power for superior flight performance and maneuverability for unparalleled control.
  • The BT3.0 connectors offer unparalleled convenience, combining balance charging and discharge power cord functionalities into a single connector, liberating from tangled wires and the inconvenience of dealing with multiple plugs.
  • With an extended battery cycle life, it ensures prolonged power support, bringing users sustained and reliable performance.
  • All-new LAVA Series Battery, featuring a new design that symbolizes explosive power akin to molten lava. 


    • Items: BT3.0 550mAh 2S Battery (2PCS)
    • Connector: BT3.0 Connector
    • Capacity: 550mAh
    • Type: 2S LiHv Battery
    • Rated Voltage: 7.6V
    • Fully Charged Voltage: 8.7V
    • Discharge Rate: 75C
    • Discharge Power: 4.18Wh
    • Weight: 29±0.5g
    • Size: 71*17.5*15mm / 71*15.5*13.8mm(Installation Size)
    • Surface Treatment: Labeling and Heat Shrink Tubing 


    The below picture shows the dimensions of the battery


    Z-Folding Process

    The Z-Folding Process Battery demonstrates remarkable performance and versatile capabilities. Leveraging its low internal resistance, it enables efficient high-current discharge within shorter time frames, resulting in elevated discharge platforms. Compared to the Winding Process Battery, it achieves a 0.2V higher discharge platform under equivalent loads, ensuring consistent and robust power output, additionally, it boasts a 5% higher energy density within the same volume, accompanied by extended cycle life. The Z-Folding Process allows precise customization of electrode sizes based on lithium battery dimensions, optimizing control over battery size and shape. Its battery performance is superior, with a wider range of options for appearance and shape, and its applicability is also broader compared to the Winding Process Battery.


    • Please fully charge the new battery before use.
    • Never allow the temperature of batteries to exceed 140° F during discharge. 
    • Never discharge the battery to a level below 6V under load.
    • Never overcharge the battery (4.35V per cell).
    • Stop using it if the user finds the cells voltage is not balanced cells are puffing bulging weeping leaking or other abnormalities.  
    • Fully Charging a battery will take approximately 25 minutes. The charging steps are shown below.

    Package Includes:

    • 2 * BT3.0 550mAh 2S Battery (2PCS) 

    Battery Disclaimer:

    Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries must be cared for properly when stored, and NEVER charged, balanced, or discharged unattended.
    ALWAYS be in the same room within line of sight of charging or discharging batteries.
    NEVER charge or discharge batteries on a flammable surface.
    Failure to follow these instructions may result in fire, personal injury, and/or property damage.
    By purchasing this battery, you agree that Pyrodrone and the battery manufacturer are in no way responsible for consumer battery charging and care, or any of the risks associated with Li-Pos or Li-Ions.