7075 Aluminum M3 Button Head Screw (5 pcs.) - Choose Length

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Who doesn't like colors and lightweight?
But that comes at a cost of soft aluminum screws that are very easy to strip.
Well... not anymore!
Finally we found a high quality 7075 grade aluminum screws that won't strip easy and match our stand offs and prop nuts in 11 different colors!
These screws obviously won't be as hard as your 12.9 steel screws, but they are definitely the hardest aluminum we have found in the market.
Just so you have an idea of the weight difference, we weighed 10 of the 10mm steel screws and 10 of these aluminum ones in the same length, the difference is SHOCKING!
10 x steel 10mm screws = 7 Grams
10 x Aluminum 10mm Screws = 2 Grams
It's time to BLING your racer :)

Package includes:
5 x 7075 Aluminum M3 Button Head Screw - Choose Legth