ViFly Whoop Series 1S LiPo 6 Channel Charging Board for BT2.0 & PH2.0

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Introducing the ViFly Whoop Series 1S Lipo charge board! This board allows for the charging of up to 6 1S PH2.0 of BT2.0 batteries at one time using your traditional LiPo battery charger. The board also includes a 5A fuse for safe charging which is rare for 1S charging boards. Pick up yours today!

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  • Storage charge 1S LiPo batteries with standard charger.
  • Charge 1-6 batteries at the same time.
  • Turn the knob for the number of batteries you are charging.
  • The added fuse makes the board even safer.
  • Pre-soldered PH2.0 and BT2.0 connectors.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x ViFly Whoop Series 1S LiPo 6 Channel Charging Board for BT2.0 & PH2.0


    • It is series board not parallel board. For example, when you are charging 4pcs 300mAh lipos, set your charger to 0.3A for 1C or
      0.6A for 2C. NOT 1.2A or 2.4A.
    • The specs of all batteries should be the same, ie, battery capacity, battery type, brand, etc.
    • Never leave the board unattended while charging or discharging.
    • Do not charge over 1.5amps. The fuse is 5A that not means you can charge it in 5A, the knob is rated for 1.5A so don’t charge it over 1.5A.
    • Don’t plug in both PH2.0 and BT2.0 battery in the same port.