TBS Gimbal Sensation and Intimacy Oil

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The perfect dressing for your salad, are you ready to take your FPV relationship to the next level? 

Sensation - Lubricating Oil (White Bottle)

Made for the adventurous and thrill-seeking pilots. Simply apply the sensation lube to the places where friction occurs and the gimbals will have that silky smooth sensation every stroke like never before. 

Intimacy - Damping Oil (Black Bottle)

Imaging flying with a throttle stick that doesn't go up or down at will, it makes hitting gaps impossible. Therefore, proper throttle control is essential in your FPV life, simply apply the damping oil between the throttle ratchet and throttle shrapnel to create this extraordinary intimacy for you and your throttle stick. 

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  • 1 x Lubricating Oil
  • 1 x Damping Oil

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