T-Motor Cine66 Cinematic Motor 1155KV

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Designed for Cinematic drone propulsion. The Cine66 motors are built to the highest quality for ultimate reliability. This motor uses EZO bearings, high temperature wire and can produce up to 3.3Kg of thrust.

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  • KV: 1155
  • Diameter: 34.4*39.95mm
  • Cable: 250mm 18AWG
  • Shaft Diameter: 4mm (Inside)
  • Weight: 76.7g (Including Cables)
  • Voltage: 5-6S
  • Burst current consumption: 54.5A
  • Idle Current (10V): 1.41A
  • Max. Power (60s): 1320W
  • Internal Resistance: 47mohm
  • Configuration: 12N14P

Package Includes:

  • 1 x T-Motor Cine66 Cinematic Motor 1155KV