T-Motor Cine Stack F7 Flight Controller + 8-in-1 60A ESC Combo

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The Velox Cine F7 flight controller from T-Motor is the FC that matches any type of flight.
Indeed, whether freestyle, cinematic or long range, this board is made to support every style of flight up to the cinelifter X8.
Analog and HD compatible, the Cine F7 FC is equipped with an integrated dual BEC, eight motor outputs, a barometer and a TVS diode.

The 60A 8-in-1 ESC by T-Motor is the ultimate ESC for your build. The V60A has been upgraded with an 18% performance increase to fly in confidence even during high-current spikes.
The brand new cooling fin design makes heat dissipation more efficient and guarantees stable power output. Heat dissipation has increased by 10%.

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Package Includes:

  • 1x T-Motor Cine Stack F7 Flight Controller + 8-in-1 60A ESC Combo