Sub250 Whoopfly16 1.6" Ultra-light Frame

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 Whoopfly16 will subvert your understanding of 1s mini drones. Introducing the Sub250 whoopfly16, the inverted drone with a protective frame is not just exclusive to cine. The high efficiency brought by a whoop and the security brought by the protection circle. It allows novices to freestyle indoors.

The one-piece injection-molded protective frame achieves an incredibly lightweight on the 1s mini drone, which is itself sensitive to weight. Install the 0803 motor or 1002 motor to unlock different power experiences.
The high compatibility of Whoopfly16 allows you to experience different flying experiences brought by different HD VTX. To create your own HD FPV.
Whether you are indoors or outdoors, invite a partner immediately to start a flight experience that belongs to you at any time!

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    • The high compatibility of Whoopfly16 can not only use analog VTX but also can install Walksnail AVATAR HD VTX and HD zero VTX. A variety of collocation schemes to build your 1s mini drone.
    • The one-piece injection molding improves the strength and impact resistance of the fuselage.
    • The 1.6-inch micro drone is equipped with a propeller guard, which gives you enough confidence during flying.
    • Whoopfly16 is equipped with 1002 motors, and the power is enough for outdoor flying.
    • The high efficiency brought by the Whoop drone further improves battery life.


    • Product name: Whoopfly16 frame
    • Wheelbase size: 75mm
    • Frame material: pp
    • Motor hole position: 3-M1.4-EQS-Ø6.6
    • Flight control installation hole position: 25.5*25.5
    • Lens mounting hole: 14*14 (mm)
    • Weight: 11.4g 

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Whoopfly16 Frame
    • 1 x Green Protective Cotton
    • 1 x Blue Protective Cotton
    • 1 x Red Protective Cotton
    • 4 x Motor Spacers (for 1002 Motors)
    • 16 x M1.4*4 Phillips Screws
    • 2 x 3m Double-Sided Tapes
    • 4 x M1.4*10 Tapping Screws
    • 1 x Installation Manual