Sub250 Nanofly16 1S 1.6'' Analog Micro BNF Freestyle Quadcopter - Choose Receiver

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We are very happy to introduce our first Ultra-light Freestyle FPV Drone Sub250 1s Nanofly16 to you. it is very quiet, and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Currently available in 2 versions: ELRS 2.4G, TBSNanoRX-TBS 915 Mhz.

The design concept of Nanofly16 quad is lightweight, small in size, has good hand feels, and is suitable for a variety of flight scenarios FPV traversing aircraft. Obviously, it exceeded the design specifications. We designed a 1.5mm carbon fiber body with a 3D-printed upper shell for the Nanofly16. The fuselage has high strength and is very crash-resistant. We did a lot of tests and selected the Ant lens with better effect, which has a better imaging effect and less wide-angle distortion. We developed a 0803-19000KV strong magnetic motor with 40mm propellers, it has strong power and smooth throttle, which is very suitable for flying freestyle.

Nanofly16 has an ultra-light body weight with the latest 1S 380mAh high-voltage battery. The take-off weight of a drone is only 38.0g, and the flight time is 4.5 minutes. Equipped with a 3D printed battery holder, it is convenient and quick to replace the battery.

The most important thing is that Nanofly16 is very quiet to fly, like a dragonfly, you can both fly it at home and freestyle in the yard and even set up a few gantries for racing practice. Trust me, you'll love this small, portable, and quiet mini FPV drone after you fly it.

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    • 1.6-inch tiny size & lightweight, just 28.0g
    • Includes a full set of high-quality 3D printed parts for a superior flying experience
    • It is equipped with a new F411-1S AIO/250mW/ELR Flight controller. Reliable & stable and easy to use.   
    • Ant camera with a high-quality image. Clear and clean.
    • With a new 1S 380mAh battery with plenty of power output
    • The latest light 0803 - 19000KV motor is matched with 40 mm-2 propellers proving maximum power and efficiency
    • It is quiet, like a dragonfly, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
    • Suitable for both freestyle and racing.


    • Brand Name: Sub250
    •  Model: Nanofly16
    • Frame: NF16
    • Wheelbase size: 77mm
    • Arm thickness: 1.5mm
    • Motor: M1 0803-19000KV
    • Weight:28.0g (ELRS)
    • Camera: Ant
    • MCU:STM32F411
    • IMU: ICM20689(SPI)
    • ESC: BLheli_S 4IN1 5A ESC
    • VTX: VTX 5.8G 250mW
    • Propeller: HQ 40mm-2
    • OSD:BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip
    • Antenna: UFL 5.8G stick VTX antenna
    • Flight Controller: F411-1S AIO/250mW/ELRS
    • Receiver Version: ELRS 2.4G \ TBS 915 Mhz
    • Battery: Recommend 380mAh 1S 90C LiHV battery(Not include)
    • Flight Time:4 minutes and 45 seconds flight time with Sub250 latest 1S 380 mAh

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Sub250 Nanofly16 1S 1.6'' Analog Micro BNF Freestyle Quadcopter - Chosen Receiver
    • 4 x HQ 40mm-2 propellers
    • 1 x 3D printed battery holder
    • 1 x Phillips-head screwdriver
    • 1 x 1.5 mm screwdriver
    • 4 x M1.4*3 Phillips screws
    • 3 x M2*2 nylon nuts