STRIX Ultimate Joshua Bardwell Parallel Charging Board 2-6S

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Introducing the latest parallel charging board from the Joshua Bardwell Signature line! No longer do you need to make the choice between XT60 vs XT30 or even specific number of cells when choosing a board for your parallel charging needs. All poly-fuses are equipped with color changing paint and are visible from the top side of the board. LED indicators are located on each port and illuminate if a voltage discrepancy is present while charging and the 15A fuse has tripped. Charge up to 6 batteries at once and even more with the passthrough port located at the bottom of the board. The battery checker is now completely independent of the charging circuit, allowing users to check extra packs after already plugging others onto the board. 

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  • XT60 and XT30 charge connectors on the same board!
  • 2s-6s battery voltage capability. 
  • 6+ batteries on a single charger port.
  • Link an extra board with the Passthrough port. 
  • Independent battery checker makes it simple to check and add packs. 
  • Easy to use layout with vertical main power plugs and horizontal balance ports.  
  • LED and color changing indicators improve for improved safety notifications for most conceivable user errors.*
  • Custom molded balance ports allow for a snug fit and safer charging. 


  • Input Power Connector: XT60 Male housing, Female Bullets with 12AWG wire and 4mm banana adapter
  • Charge Connector: 6x XT60, 6x XT30
  • Balance Connector: 6x XH 2-6s Connectors
  • Maximum Current: 70A Total (Need to use more than 4 ports for maximum current)
  • Fuses:
    • Main Power: Replaceable 15A mini automotive
    • Balance Power: Automatic resetting poly-fuses with color changing paint
  • Dimensions: 203 x 80 x 30mm

Package Includes:

  • STRIX Ultimate Joshua Bardwell Parallel Charging Board 2-6S
  • XT60 to Banana Adapter 
  • 2x spare 15A fuses
  • STRIX and JB Signature Line decals

Safety is a major concern for any form of parallel charging. * Checking each cell of every battery pack before connecting them together is extremely important! If you see a cell's voltage that is not like the rest, do not charge it with the others in parallel! To assist with this, we have added a cell checker at the top of the board. We have also provided replaceable fuses between the main power leads to aid in preventing surges from one pack to another. We suggest only parallel charging packs that are within roughly 0.1 volts per cell, or 0.4 volts for a 4S pack. A pack that is at 15.0 volts total should be safe to charge with another pack that was 15.4 volts or 14.6 volts. Never charge batteries while unattended and if you see a problem or a tripped fuse, stop the charge! Disconnect batteries from the board and store in a safe place after charging is complete. 

Please watch these videos from Joshua for proper parallel charging techniques: