STO CTRL-STKS M3 Stick Ends For Pinchers

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CTRL-STKS are designed to improve comfort and control for pinch grip pilots in situations where traditional stick ends fail. Their larger diameter means that reaching the far extents in any direction is easier because the pushing finger doesn’t have to stretch as far. This greatly improves comfort for many, most importantly those with smaller hands but also when using radios with longer throw gimbals and where the stick length is set higher to improve precision. Many popular transmitters on the market trend toward the larger side with larger gimbals and they can be very hard to use a pinch grip if you have smaller hands or even medium sized hands can find it hard to reach the far corners when pinching. CTRL-STKS not only improve comfortable gimbal range but also add some customization to your radio with a variety of color options to match.

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  • M3
  • 14.5mm diameter
  • Grippy silicone rubber body
  • Brass threads
  • Includes thin jam nut for maximum height adjustment

Package Includes:

2 x Silent Thunder Ordinance CTRL-STKS Stick Ends For Pinchers