StanFPV 5" (INJECTED) Universal Ducted Propeller Guards with Hardware (Fits almost ANY 5" FPV frame!)

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  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Quieter Flight Noise
  • Smoother Flight Performance
  • Acro-able 
  • Aesthetic AND Functional Drone Accessory
  • Customizable
  • 5" UDP-Guard REMOVABLE Black TPU TOPS / BOLTS / SPACERS / PROP KIT also available!


  • Frame: 5" or larger
  • Motors: any motor using a standard 16mm-19mm four bolt pattern like 2206, 2306, 2207, 2604
  • Recommended Propeller: 4" Gemfan 4052

Easily convert your current 5" or larger drone into a safer smoothed out cinematic flyer! Outdoors and now also INDOORS, HD cam or just fun flying! They fit any 16mm-19mm (4) screw bolt pattern and are optionally shipped with multiple sizes of rubber spacers  that go under the arm between the arm and UDP-Guard to lock in the perfect height while also dampening the whole system and keeping tension on the bolts to keep them tight.

99% of frames that hold a 5" prop will fit these UNIVERSAL DUCTED PROPELLER GUARDS! You can simply bolt them straight onto the bottom of each arm with your own longer bolts from the hardware store / garage, or pick up the 5" UDPG add-on kit with your guards that has everything to get you going! (including Longer Bolts in m3x8mm and m3x10mm/TPU Spacers (4) 1mm and (4) 2mm / Removable TPU Tops available in 13 colors / Set of Recommended Props).


You can use the rubber spacers between the arm and guard to dial in the perfect height and/or add clearance. When tightened, the bolts are then recessed in the guard to give you BUILT-IN non-metal landing skids so you can effortlessly slide along concrete or anything your heart desires (soo useful and FUN!) This set-up uses a 4" propeller in place of the bigger one and outperforms for cinematic flight in almost every way! It lets the motors work less with the same performance which enables our propellers to handle a higher load and give better flight times because of the increased thrust and efficiency! They more than make up for the weight of themselves while providing safety and smoother flight feel. With my highly tuned ducts, the smaller higher pitch prop performs like a smoothed out version of the larger ones giving you higher CONTROL, MANEUVERABILITY, SMOOTHNESS and SAFETY in the place of TOP SPEED - They can easily be installed or taken off to give you two flight styles on the same drone.. on the same tune.. Two drones in one! 🔥🔥

Having these on will make your quad quieter too! Aero and sound wave flow was taken into consideration and implemented here, actually REDUCING prop noise! It's literally like magic and one of the best features about this design. The sounds aims up and down, reducing perceived side noise.

And THE most important feature of all.. SAFETY!! Before these I flew without protection and even tho I had "the skill" I was sliced multiple times by propeller blades trying to get "the shot indoors around myself, the worst being on my calf and that sent me on a mission to protect others from harm and to help give drones a good, safe name. These guards were years in the making, I literally put thousands of hours into making these what they are today.. And let me tell you - THEY DELIVER!

This NEW INJECTED VERSION is manufactured for me by my good friends HQ Prop and they are made from their very durable polycarbonate that they use for their amazing props. These guards are now NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE. I'm not even exaggerating. You probably will need to buy less props too because you don't even bend them in crashes with these on 😉🔥 it's a crazy feeling to fly thats hard to explain but sooo good! The only way is to feeel it for yourself. You will not be disappointed! 

They come in a variety of colors! A perfect way to express yourself thru your drone! The guards themselves are HQ Smoke Grey and the OPTIONAL TOPS are available in 13 different colors! 🎨 Coordinate GUARD TOPS with your PROPS to make the COOLEST, SMOOTHEST and most VERSATILE drone ever! Get creative and make your drone look as awesome as it flies! These do ACRO like a beast too! It's SO fun and extremely maneuverable!! Think spoilers for your quad if you're at an angle higher than about 15 degrees, it just LOCKS in!

Cinewhoop flying anyone?! No need to go out and buy a whole new tiny drone to get great safe proximity footage. These convert your current 5" drone into a film making BEAST! Smooth out the flight of your new/old rig and bring on slower more manageable flight while carrying that GoPro Hero 9 that is still able go quick if needed for some amazing cinematography potential on any quad, new or old. Safe enough to fly indoors! Bring new life to that old quad that's been on the wall for a year now or plan a completely new build specifically around them! They are extremely versatile! They fit the oldest and newest of frames like the "Alien", "Blastr", "Apex", "Super G", Marmotte, Badger, Goat, Remix, Aquaphobe, Johnnys Frames and MANY MORE!

There's really no downside to these. It's a win-win-win-win! If you fly 5" drones, then you need at least one set of these to share between all your 5" quads or a set for each build! They are for when you want the unique feel they provide and /or want to get close to people and property and get those EPIC cinematic shots much more safe and controlled! Either way they are now an invaluable tool in the arsenal of mine and many many drone professionals around the world! 

What's Included:


Guards ONLY:

  • (4) 5" Injected UDP-Guards

+ Accessories Kit:

  • (5) 2mm Rubber Spacers
  • (5) 1mm Rubber Spacers
  • (1) Set of 4" Gemfan 4052 Props
  • (32) Longer M3 Bolts (16)8mm, (16)10mm