SpeedyBee Goggles BEC for DJI Goggles 2 and Goggles V2

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The SpeedyBee Goggles BEC ensures your DJI Goggles 2 and Goggles V2 are always powered up.
Featuring an auto voltage adjust, it can both charge your phone and power your goggles. Safely and effectively keep your devices ready for action.

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 SpeedyBee Goggles BEC

SpeedyBee Goggles BEC

SpeedyBee Goggles BEC

SpeedyBee Goggles BEC


Dimensions: 21*21*72mm
Weight: 25g
Ports: XT60-Male and USB-C
A small accessory with compact cuboid design, helps power your Goggles device easily

Power Range
Lipo: 3S to 6S
No matter freestyle or long range, BEC supports powering the Goggles based on your Lipo varying from 3S to 6S.

Auto Voltage Output
Fixed voltage for Goggles: 9.2V
Auto voltage for mobile phones: 5V / 9V
No need to set, BEC will auto adjust the voltage for the connecting device.
It also supports Fast Charging Protocol, you can charge your phone soon! (20W max.)


  • Power Input Voltage Range 3-6S
  • Power Input Connector XT60-Male
  • Fast Charging Output interface USB-C Port
  • Supported Fast Charging Protocol : PD3.0/QC4+/PPS/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE2.0/SFCP
  • Max Fast Charging Power 20W
  • Dimension(Main Body) 21*21*72mm
  • Net Weight 25g
  • Error Notification :  Er1 Short circuit, power off, Er2 Overheated,power off, Er3 Overheated, Er4 Overvoltage, Power off (>26V), Er5 Low power voltage,power off(<10.5V)
  • Low voltage alarm (blinking screen) : 3S Lipo ≤11.1V, 4S Lipo ≤14.8V, 6S Lipo ≤22.2V

Package Includes:

1x SpeedyBee Goggles BEC for DJI Goggles 2 and Goggles V2