SpeedyBee F405 V4 Flight Controller - 30x30mm

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SpeedyBee F405 V4 FC uses the STM32F405 chip (better than F411), onboard 4-level battery life indicator, 4GB Blackbox SD card slot for your flight logs, 4 groups of LED strip pads, complete with a DJI plug for your digital quad, and built-in Bluetooth for wireless configuration on the SpeedyBee app.
* The DJI Air Unit plug is completely compatible with DJI O3/RunCam Link/Caddx Vista/DJI Air Unit V1, no wire is needed to be changed.


We also carry the F405 V4 Stack and the 55A BLS 4-in-1 ESC individually!

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Configure your FC and ESC via Bluetooth!
With SpeedyBee app, turn your phone into an all-in-one FC configurator and tune your quad anytime, anywhere. Enjoy wireless, fully configurable ESC experience with SpeedyBee app

ICM42688P Gyro and clean
power supply.
Featuring MaxLinear's esteemed LDO power chip, the gyroscope gets dedicated power, enhancing surge protection by 320%. A 100uF filtering tantalum capacitor shields gyro data from power interferences. This ensures precise flight responsiveness, letting you truly savor the joy of flying!

Forgot your LiPo checker?
Just look at the FC!
On the side of the flight controller, you will find a 4-level battery capacity indicator. As soon as you connect the battery, you can instantly see the battery level, saving you the hassle of needing to put on glasses to check the battery status.
SD card compatibility issue fixed!
The F405 V3 FC faced compatibility issues with certain microSD cards, with a few even occasionally affecting the stable OSD display. The improved F405 V4 flight controller, however, addresses these challenges. It reliably supports C4, C6, C10, and higher cards at 2k/4k logging rates.
BF/INAV can recognize up to 4GB of black box space. Once you clear the SD card, you can enjoy 1000+ flights. Experience black box freedom like never before!
Change motor directions wirelessly!
Are you still using a computer to change motor directions? With this stack, when you finish your build, connect to the SpeedyBee app, change the motor directions just in a few simple steps*. Then take off.
* To use this feature, please go to the App > Motors > Motor Direction Settings.
8 motors output for X8/Y6/fixed-wings.
You could use this stack to build your X8 drones, Y6 drones or fixed wings. Forget about crawling through your massive build just to plug in that USB cable. Just take out your phone to configure everything in the SpeedyBee app.
4 sets of LED pads with simple switching.
Need more visibility at night? Just solder up your LED strips* and blaze the darkest trail you can find. With just one tap on the BOOT button, you can cycle through all different LED presets** and pick the one you love!
**Or long press the boot button to switch to Betaflight LED mode.




Product Name SpeedyBee F405 V4 30x30 Flight Controller

  • MCU STM32F405
  • IMU(Gyro) ICM42688P
  • USB Port Type Type-C
  • Barometer Built-in
  • OSD Chip AT7456E chip
  • BLE Bluetooth Supported. Used for Flight Controller configuration (MSP should be enabled with Baud rate 115200 on UART4)
  • WIFI Not supported
  • DJI Air Unit Connection Way Two ways supported: 6-pin connector or direct soldering.
  • 6-pin DJI Air Unit Plug Supported. Completely compatible with DJI O3/RunCam Link/Caddx Vista/DJI Air Unit V1, no wire is needed to be changed.
  • Blackbox MicroSD Card Slot *Betaflight firmware requires the type of the microSD card to be either Standard (SDSC) or High capacity (SDHC) under 32GB, so extended capacity cards (SDXC) are not supported(Many high-speed U3 cards are SDXC). Also the microSD card MUST be formatted with the FAT16 or FAT32 (recommended) format, you could use any SD card less than 32GB, but the Betaflight can only recognize 4GB maximum. We suggest you use this 3rd party formatting tool and choose 'Overwrite format' then format your card. Also check out here for the recommended SD cards or buy the tested cards from our store.
  • Current Sensor Input Supported. For SpeedyBee BLS 55A ESC, please set scale = 400 and Offset = 0.
  • Power Input 3S - 6S Lipo(Through G, BAT pins/pads from the 8-pin connector or 8-pads on the bottom side)
  • 5V Output 9 groups of 5V output, four +5V pads and 1 BZ+ pad( used for Buzzer) on front side, and 4x LED 5V pads. The total current load is 3A.
  • 9V Output 2 groups of 9V output, one +9V pad on front side and other included in a connector on bottom side. The total current load is 3A.
  • 3.3V Output Supported. Designed for 3.3V-input receivers. Up to 500mA current load.
  • 4.5V Output Supported. Designed for receiver and GPS module even when the FC is powered through the USB port. Up to 1A current load.
  • ESC Signal M1 - M4 on bottom side and M5-M8 on front side.
  • UART 6 sets(UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4(Dedicated for Bluetooth connection)), UART5(Dedicated for ESC telemetry),UART6
  • ESC Telemetry UART R5(UART5)
  • I2C Supported. SDA & SCL pads on front side. Used for magnetometer, sonar, etc.
  • Traditional Betaflight LED Pad Supported. 5V, G and LED pads on bottom of the front side. Used for WS2812 LED controlled by Betaflight firmware.
  • Buzzer BZ+ and BZ- pad used for 5V Buzzer
  • BOOT Button Supported.
  • [A]. Press and hold BOOT button and power the FC on at the same time will force the FC to enter DFU mode, this is for firmware flashing when the FC gets bricked.
  • [B]. When the FC is powered on and in standby mode, the BOOT button can be used to controller the LED strips connected to LED1-LED4 connectors on the bottom side. By default, short-press the BOOT button to cycle the LED displaying mode. Long-press the BOOT button to switch between SpeedyBee-LED mode and BF-LED mode. Under BF-LED mode, all the LED1-LED4 strips will be controlled by Betaflight firmware.
  • RSSI Input Supported. Named as RS on the front side.
  • Smart Port / F.Port Not supported
  • Supported Flight Controller Firmware BetaFlight(Default), INAV
  • Firmware Target Name SPEEDYBEEF405V4
  • Mounting 30.5 x 30.5mm( 4mm hole diameter)
  • Dimension 41.6(L) x 39.4(W) x 7.8(H)mm
  • Weight 10.5g

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