SpeedyBee F405 V3 Stack w/ 50A 3-6S 8 Bit 4in1 ESC - 30x30mm

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The Speedy Bee F405 50A Stack V3 includes all the features a user would expect from a modern flight controller and ESC stack, but at an incredible price.  The F405 V3 Flight Controller features the STM32F405 MCU, an onboard 4-level battery life indicator, a Micro-SD card slot for Blackbox logging, 4 groups of LED strip pads, a DJI plug for digital quads, and built-in Bluetooth for wireless configuration through the SpeedyBee App.  The 50A 4-In-1 ESC features a built-in TVS protective diode, and Japanese made TDK SMT capacitors, and even comes with a low ESR 1500uF capacitor.

 We also carry the F405 V3 FC and 50A BLS 8 BIT ESC individually!

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Speedy Bee F405 V3 Flight Controller

  • MCU: STM32F405
  • IMU(Gyro): BMI270
  • USB Port: Type-C
  • Barometer: Built-=In
  • OSD Chip: AT7456E chip
  • BLE Bluetooth: Supported
  • DJI Air Unit Connection: 6-pin connector and solder pads
  • Blackbox Micro-SD Card: 32GB max
  • Current Sensor: Supported
  • Power Input: 3S-6S LiPo
  • Power Output: 9V (2A), 3.3V (500mA), 4.5V(1A), 5V(2A)
  • ESC Signal: M1-M8 available
  • UART: 5 Sets
  • I2C: Supported
  • LED: Supported
  • Buzzer: Supported
  • Boot Button: Press for DFU mode, press when powered to change LED modes
  • Firmware Target: SPEEDYBEEF405V3
  • Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm ( 4mm hole diameter )
  • Dimensions: 41.6(L) x 39.4(W) x 7.8(H)mm
  • Weight: 9.6g

50A 3-6S 4in1 ESC

  • Firmware: BLHeli_S JH50
  • Wireless Configuration: Full Configuration Supported in Speed Bee App
  • PC Configurator: https://esc-configurator.com/
  • Continuous Current: 50A * 4
  • Burst Current: 55A * 4
  • TVS Protective Diode: YES
  • External Capacitor: 1500uF Low ESR Capacitor Included
  • ESC Protocol: DShot 300/600
  • Power Input: 3-6S LiPo
  • Power Output: VBAT
  • Current Sensor: Scale=386 Offset=0
  • Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm ( 4mm hole diameter )
  • Dimensions: 45.6(L) * 44(W) * 6.1mm(H)
  • Weight: 13.8g