Shen Drones Terraplane Bigger Cinewhoop Frame 189mm with HQ 85mm Hexblades

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The Shendrones is a 189mm ducted quad that uses 85mm props (10mm bigger than standard Cinewhoop). It has low profile molded ducts for low drag, and uses larger 2207.5 2500kv motors for more power and authority.

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Spare Ducts can be purchased separately, Available in Green and Grey.

Spare Props can be purchased separately.

Each kit contains 5 ducts and 2 sets of HQ 85mm hexblades.
Optional 3D printed parts include FPV  cam mount, Hero tabs, and DJI antenna holders. 3D files are also available here on Thingiverse for those who print their own.

For full description and development check out Shendrones Site.

Recommended setup:

Package Includes:

  • Carbon Frame + Accessories
  • 5 ducts

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