Shen Drones Siccario Universal Camera Mount

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Finally! A cam mount for (almost) every camera is now available for the Shen Drone Siccario Frame! The universal mount has two 1/4" slots for attaching your camera. If your cam has a 3/8" hole as well as a 1/4" hole on the bottom, use a 3/8-1/4 reducer bushing and attach your camera with two 1/4" screws.

The standard mount pivots from 0 to 40 degrees. If you need negative tilt then add the negative tilt rear stanchions. Note that this only works with box cameras, not DSLR's. 

The mount has two additional optional mounting points for dampers. If you want to go to a six point mount then add the Alpha Gel or Silicone dampers. The dampers come with all spacers, carbon caps, and screws needed.

***This is a camera mount only. The frame kit is sold separately and is available in two dampener varieties. The Frame kit With Silicone Dampeners Or the Frame Kit With Alpha Gel Dampeners.

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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Shen Drones Siccario Universal Camera Mount
    • 1 x Hardware Kit