Shen Drones Big Baby 3" Frame - Carbon and Hardware Only

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Big Baby is a 150mm X8 for 3" props. It has a 4mm base plate and a 2mm top plate. The motors are stacked using low profile 2mm catdog mounts. Stack height is 25mm (leave me a note if you'd like 30 or 40mm instead), which fits 2 4in1's and the fc. The Lumenier Lux7 is recommended for X8's. The frame is drilled for 2 30x30 and 20x20 stacks.

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The fpv cam mount and antenna mounts wedge in the DJI air unit. 

I'm running 1407 2800kv's with a 850 6s.

You can 3D print the parts yourself! The files are here, or if you need the parts 3D printed, please send the appropriate STL files to, and we will invoice you separately for them! 3D printed parts need 24-48 hours to be printed and shipped depending on the size and quantity. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Shen Drones Big Baby 3" Frame - Carbon and Hardware Only

Note: Camera, Battery, and Electronics NOT included.

Randy Slavin enjoys the wide angle lens on his iPhone 11. Looka that palm-sized baby!