PandaRC VT5804 V3 1W 5.8G Power Switchable Long Range FPV Video Transmitter

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PandaRC VT5804 V3 5.8G 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW Switchable FPV Video Transmitter is the most recent big power long range video transmitter released by Panda RC.
The VT5804 V3 features a built-in cooling fan and a bolted SMA antenna connector.
It supports OSD remote tuning and goes up to 1000mW output power.


Main Features:
--Stable output power, long transmission range (0.5KM+@25mW; 1KM+ @200mW; 2KM+@400mW, 5KM+@800mW,10KM+@1000mw;
--0mw/25mw/200mw/400mw/800mw /1000mw switchable
--Channel, Frequency and Output power controlled  through OSD configuration
--Fast frequency lock
--Support self-checking function of output power;
-- Comes with Cooling fan

Video module:NTSC/PAL
input voltage : 7-28V,+12V/450mA@1000mW
Size : 36*36*5.5MM
Hole size:30.5mm x 30.5mm
Weight : <30g(without antenna)

Output Power and Frequency Setting
Through buttons on the VTX:
1. Long press the button for 6 Seconds, the power indicator led flash while other indicator leds are off, then short press would change the power 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW. 
2. Short Press one time, it will change the Channel ( CH1-CH8)
3. Long press for 3 seconds and then short press , will change the FR ( A-F)

Through OSD Interface
Connect the VTX(RX) to the free UART (TX) port  like below picture

OSD Interface Details

(This is just for freference, for different fc, it may not the same)

Package included:
1 x PandaRC VT5804 V3 1W FPV Video Transmitter 
1 x Antenna

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