Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition - Frame Kit

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Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition

The Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop - Cinequads Edition is a versatile 2.5" micro-sized FPV quadcopter that is designed to be small and agile. Featuring full propeller protection with premium carbon fiber, while carrying your HD camera for the ultimate micro FPV cinema experience!

Lumenier has once again teamed up with Cinequads, founded by the world-renowned FPV pilot Phil Freybott! Now bringing you the ultimate micro cinematography whoop. Phil has many years of experience shooting professionally with FPV drones on TV commercial sets, and movies. You can find his work showcased with automotive brands like Porsche and Mercedes.

Combining Cinequads' professional experience and optimized workflow with Lumenier's high-quality design and manufacturing, we are excited to bring you the next professional class of FPV Cine drones... the Lumenier QAV-PRO line!

All parts and related items can be found in our QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition Collection.

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This is the frame kit only. Electronics, etc. are not included. Assembly required.



Phil FreybottBeing a full-time Professional Commercial Drone pilot I was in need of a small and reliable working rig that's super light but still stiff and strong at the same time. It needed all the flight characteristics of a 5-inch quad, but that's really hard to achieve on a quad this small, so we went through a lot of testing and prototyping to find the right balance between weight and size. We use this drone on 70% of our client shoots, and it's absolutely amazing to have something that small and powerful in your collection. But you don't have to be a Pro to enjoy this quad, and one of my biggest goals was to make this quad as versatile as possible so everyone can build it their own way. There are no limits when it comes to mounting your components. Doesn't matter if it's analog or Digital. There are options and layouts for everyone. This sub 250g beast is just too much fun and you will see that you put your 5-inch quad aside more than you think! Have fun and create amazing things.

-Phil Freybott, Cinequads

Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition



  • Designed by Lumenier in collaboration with Cinequads
  • Supports HD Action Camera Mounting
  • Great for Professional Cinematic Use
  • Designed for both Analog and HD
  • Molded Foam Bumper Protection
  • Pusher Style Frame
  • Ultra-lightweight


Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop



The QAV-PRO Micro Whoop gives you the option to fly with only the Carbon Fiber frame, or with added protection provided by the snap-on foam bumpers. Flying close to people or objects that you need a little more security? No problem! Simply pop on the foam pads in seconds and you're good to go. When you're done you can take them back off and fly again with just the carbon guards. So simple!


Want to add 4k buttery smooth video recording to your QAV-PRO? No problem! the frame is designed to carry a GoPro style camera with a dedicated camera mount on top. This allows a variety of cameras and 3-D prints to securely hold the HD camera in place making sure you get the perfect shot!


The QAV-PRO Micro Whoop frame was designed from the ground up to be very versatile and allow many different configurations with the same design. This one airframe design fits 20x20 stacks, 25.5x25.5 toothpick AIO boards, and Caddx Vista digital HD system. This frame has mounting points for an antenna, camera, receiver, transmitter, and more. Now you can fly in full digital HD in an incredibly small package!


The Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop airframe design supports a pusher configuration. it was found to have 15-20% more flight time and an even better throttle response. Many "pusher" style frames struggle to easily take off from the ground since their props are often resting on the surface, but with the QAV-PRO Micro Whoop... it's no problem since the entire prop is surrounded by carbon fiber. This gives you plenty of clearance to take off and land without any issue.


With an all-up weight of just 53g, this airframe is top in class. It has the perfect balance of durability and protection that you need, without any extra dead weight that you don't. The body is made up of ultra-strong 3K carbon fiber. Combined with custom light-weight quick-swap battery straps and M2 hardware, this kit is the perfect 2.5" setup.


  • Weight: 53g (66g with bumpers and lipo straps)
  • Dimension: 180mm x 155mm x 53mm
  • Material: 2mm Quasi-Isortropic Japanese Carbon Fiber (Matte Finish)

Recommended (Not Included)

  • Battery -650~850mAh 4S
  • HD FPV System - Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit 720p/120fps Low Latency HD Digital FPV System or Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV
  • Long Range Receiver - TBS Crossfire Nano Rx + TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna V2
  • Motors - 1404 Micro Cinematic Motor
  • HD Recording Camera - GEPRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 Camera
  • AIO FC / ESC -  iFlight Beast F7 V2 55A AIO 25.5x25.5mm Flight Controller (BMI270)
  • Props - HQProp DP T63MMX6 6-Blade Propeller or  Gemfan D63 Ducted 5-Blade 63mm CineWhoop Propeller


  • 1x Hardware Set (Steel M2 Screws, M2 Stack Screws and Spacers, Aluminum Standoffs, Rubber O-rings, Nuts)
  • 2x Lumenier Custom Elastic Quick Change Battery Straps
  • 1x 3D Printed Universal Camera Mount Base
  • 2x 1mm Carbon Fiber Camera Side Plate
  • 1x 2mm Carbon Fiber Bumper Plate
  • 1x 2mm Carbon Fiber Motor Plate
  • 1x Foam Battery Pad
  • 4x Foam Bumpers