Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition - Bumpers (Set of

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These Bumpers are for the Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop - Cinequads Edition, which is a versatile 2.5" micro-sized FPV quadcopter that is designed to be small and agile. Featuring full propeller protection while carrying your HD camera for the ultimate Cine experience!

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Note: These are the foam Bumpers only. All other parts are not included.


  • Designed by Lumenier in collaboration with Cinequads
  • Great for Professional Cinematic Use
  • Molded Foam Bumper Protection
  • Ultra-lightweight


Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop



The QAV-PRO Micro Whoop gives you the option to fly with only the Carbon Fiber frame, or with added protection provided by the snap-on foam bumpers. Flying close to people or objects that you need a little more security? No problem! Simply pop on the foam pads in seconds and you're good to go. When you're done you can take them back off and fly again with just the carbon guards. So simple!


  • Weight: 1.73g (Per Bumper)
  • FoamThickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 75x30mm


  • 4x Lumenier QAV-PRO Micro Whoop 2.5" Cinequads Edition - Bumper (4 pcs)