JHEMCU GHF745 HD AIO F7 OSD Flight Controller and Built-In 40A BLHeli32 3-6S 4IN1 ESC - 25x25mm

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GHF745AIO adopts STM32F745+MPU6000 gyroscope to achieve stable flight performance, with built-in 5V/2.5A, 10V/2A BEC, built-in OSD module, barometer, and black box.
The brushless electrical adjustment part adopts ST G071's 32-bit matched with imported high-power MOS, with a built-in TVS module, eliminating the need to weld TVS modules on the outer part.

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  • Brand name:     JHEMCU
  • Model:            GHF745AIO
  • MCU:            STM32F745/216MHZ
  • IMU:            MPU6000/Gyro/Accel
  • OSD:            AT7456E
  • Baro:            YES
  • Blackbox:         8MB
  • Input voltage:    3S-6S(11.5V-26V)
  • 5V-BEC:            5V/2.5A ±0.1V 
  • 10V-BEC:           10V/2A ±0.1V
  • Receiver:          ELRS(CRSF), TBS(CRSF) ,SBUS,IBUS,DSM2,DSMX
  • HD接口:           YES
  • IIC:           IIC1
  • Led_Strip:           YES
  • Buzzer:           5V
  • ESC signal:        Dshot150,Dshot300,Dshot600
  • USB:          Micro USB
  • Current port:  YES
  • Voltage sensor:YES
  • DFU button:   YES
  • FC Firmware:     betaflight_4.4.2 JHEF745.HEX
  • Size:          33*33MM
  • Mounting Hole:25.5*25.5*3MM
  • Weight:          7.3g

    ESC Specifications:

    • ESC Current:      40A/50A
    • ESC MCU:        STM32G071
    • ESC TYPE:           Blheli_32
    • ESC Firmware:   JHEMCU_G071_ESC_Multi_32_9.HEX

    Package Includes:

    • 1x GHF745AIO -40A
    • 1x XT60
    • 4x M2 * 6.5MM shock absorber
    • 2x 40A-16AWG wire
    • 1x O3 connecting line 5P to 6P
    • 1x 470UF/35V capacitor
    • 1x TYPE-C adapter board
    • 4x 28AWG Wire
    • 1x Welding practice board