ImpulseRC Micro Apex 3" Duct Kit - No TPU

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This kit contains the carbon fibre braces and hardware required to convert your 3" Micro Apex in to a full featured cinewhoop!

TPU Parts need to be purchased separately!

The unique detachable brace design makes the upgrade process quick and clean. The additional standoffs and attachment points provide all the support needed to hold the ducts firmly in shape. Tolerances between prop tips and ducts can be kept at their ideal distance and rubbing is greatly reduced.

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3D Prints:

Included with the 3D printable files are extended camera mounts which keep the DJI camera safely protected within the bounds of the ducts while making sure they are completely out of shot. 

The ducts (Not Included in the kit) are designed as four individual pieces, however the front and rear ducts on each side are connected with a dovetailed slot. This keeps the printing process as easy as possible, but also allows the ducts to support each other so they better retain their shape. Installation and maintenance is made much simpler, the front ducts can be quickly removed on their own to facilitate access to the camera mounting screws.

A newly designed mount secures the Vista antenna at the perfect angle. The integrated half hood protects from the antenna cap getting snagged and being pulled out backwards. 

This ducts kit requires the 3" Micro Apex arms, longer arms are not supported. Open source files under a commercial friendly license are available on Thingiverse.


  • Braces and hardware - 19g
  • Ducts (each) - 17g
  • Camera mounts (pair) - 4g
  • Antenna mount - 2.2g


  • 1 x ImpulseRC Micro Apex 3" Duct Kit - No TPU