iFlight XING X2814 FPV NextGen 1100kv

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The iFlight XING series motor was designed and named after FPV pilot & specialist Patrick Xing. Together, they have designed a one of a kind motor, one that will stand out from the crowd as well as perform great. Combining IFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise, a top-of-the-line motor has been produced. iFlight XING provides incredible power and thrust in a lightweight, one of a kind motor.

Great choice for 10" Macro frames like the iFlight DC10

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The elliptical body, powerful stator with N52H magnets and very small air gap makes iFlight XING series motor incredible new style motors. iFlight continues the tradition of excellent products of all different sizes and KVs to meet different pilots’ needs. The 4mm Titanium alloy shaft and high-quality N52H magnets are surrounded by high-temperature resistant windings. This means that the iFlight XING series motor can be pushed to the limit. The sturdy structure and high-quality materials make iFlight XING performs like a beast!



  • Stator Size: 28mm
  • Stator Height: 14mm
  • KV: 1100

Package Includes:

  • 1 x iFlight XING X2814 FPV NextGen 1100kv