iFlight GOCam PM GR Charger Hub

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iFlight GOCam PM GR Charger Hub

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  • - Input voltage: TYPE-C connector can input 4.6V-5.6V. Lower than 4.6V will result in insufficient input power and slower charging speed. The XT60 interface can input 9-26V.
  • - Output voltage: Default 4.2V.
  • - Output current: single 500mA, three lines simultaneously a total of 1.5A.

Charger usage and operation instructions:

  1. When powered using Type-C, please make sure that the power of the charging head output can satisfy the charger and use the quality data cable to achieve the best performance.
  2. The charger has a single-line 500mA charging current and three-lines can work at the same time. It takes about 60 minutes for the three GOCam batteries to be fully charged.
  3. Power the charger first, then connect the GOCam battery. It is forbidden to connect the battery before powering the charger, otherwise the charging head may not supply power.
  4. After powering on the charger, connect the battery that needs to be charged to start charging. The color of the LED during charging is red, and the color of the fully charged LED is green. After fully charged, the charging will automatically stop.


  • 1. When charging, keep a good ventilated environment and stay away from flammable materials.
  • 2. It is forbidden to supply power to TYPE-C and XT60 at the same time.
  • 3. It is strictly forbidden to input a voltage above 5.8V to the TYPE-C connector, which will damage the product. It is recommended to use 5V for the best power supply voltage. It is strictly forbidden to input a voltage above 26V to the XT60 connector which will damage the product. Recommended to use the best power supply voltage is 9V-26V.
  • 4. This charger can only charge GOCam batteries. It is forbidden to use this charger to charge any other batteries

Package Includes:

  • 1 x GOCam PM GR Charger Hub