Hyperlite Floss 3.0 Race Frame 5"

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The Floss 3.0 is designed FOR racers BY racers as the next evolution of the most popular racing frame.
Based around a high quality, anodized 7075 aluminum core, the frame features sandwich plates and
individual, interlocking, easy to change arms to prevent arm wiggle along with a host of other modern features (and goodies!).


  • The FPV camera mount has now been updated to include our Micro Pod FPV Camera Mount which was designed specifically for the HDZero RunCam Micro V2 camera. The Mount will also work with most Micro sized (19x19mm) camera's.


  • 69.5g WITH hardware
  • Soft edge 5mm carbon arms to achieve goals of chamfering without loss of strength
  • Machined channels in the aluminum plate prevent arm wiggle
  • Arms can be easily removed with only 2 screws
  • Countersunk bottom plate screws
  • Allows for 20x20 or 3030 stacks
  • Up to 85+ degrees of tilt


  • 1 x Hyperlite Floss 3.0 Race Frame 5"
  • 1 x Spare arm
  • 1 x 3M anti slip battery pad
  • 1 x TPU micro FPV camera mount
  • 1 x TPU SMA mount

All Floss 3.0 spare parts can be found HERE.

Available Downloads:
Press Fit Fin by Brain3D 
Fixed camera mount by Cherrycraft
Fixed camera mount by Speed Belmont