HQ Prop HeadsUp T3x1.8x3 Tiny Prop(2CW+2CCW)-2mm

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Design in collaboration with HeadsupFPV, great prop for Ultralite 3: builds and slightly more "pop" compared to the popular Gemfan 3016 props.

These props have 2mm shaft hub which means they are only compatible with very few motors if want to be used as press fit.
However they will still work with the 1.5mm shaft motors ONLY if the screws are used to hold the prop down!
We do carry the 1.5mm version of these props if you want to use them as press fit.

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Propeller Diameter:3inch       
Pitch :1.8             
Blades : 3
Material : Poly Carbonate        
Weight :1.21g
Hub Diameter : 10mm           
Hub Thickness:4.5mm           
Shaft :2/1.9mm
Adaptor Rings : NO

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