HAKRC 8 Bit 20*20mm 35A 4IN1 ESC

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The HAKRC 8 Bit 20*20mm 35A 4IN1 ESC is equipped with EMF8BB21F16G main control chip that operates up to 48MHz frequency.
Three-in-one IC driver, high-quality high-frequency ceramic capacitors and mosfets.
High-end PCB production process with metallized pads to avoid lifting off during use.
6 layers PCB with 3 ounces of copper helps keep the heat down and higher efficiency.

4 high-performance 35A ESCs,
Built-in amp meter
New advanced SMT technology
Double-hole mounting design (20*20mm and 30.5*30.5mm)
Similar dimensions to a Flight Controller

Operating Voltage: 2-6S
Maximum continuous working current: 35A
Maximum short burst working current: 40A
Supported protocols: DShot150/300/600 PWM Oneshot125,Oneshot42 and Multshot
Software: BLHeliSuite
Firmware: BL16.7
Mounting Pattern: 20*20mm M2 Hardware
Dimensions: 31*30*6mm
Weight: 6.1g

Package Includes:
1 x HAKRC 8 Bit 20*20mm 35A 4IN1 ESC
1 x ESC/FC Connection Harness
5 x M2 Grommet