Gemfan 75mm Ducted Props PC 3-Blade

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Gemfan stepping in for the Cinewhoop/Cinedrone guys with the new ducted 75mm prop.
Avoid the hassle of making jigs and cutting your own prop.
These props are perfectly balanced and the result is butter smooth video!

Checkout the Hyperlite 1408 motor line for your cinedrone build.

Brand: Gemfan
Type: 75mm Ducted propeller
Pitch : 3.4in
Material : pc
Weight / g : 1.9g
Center Hole Inner diameter : 5mm
Prop Disk Diameter: 75mm
Center Thickness : 7mm
Max Prop Width : 15.3mm
Adaptive Motor : 1408-1808
Recommended Motor :1408-3600kv

Package Included:
2 X CW Prop
2 X CCW Prop