Gaoneng GNB 3000MAH 2S 5C Goggles Lipo Battery Power Indicator

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GNB 3000mAh 2S goggle battery is simply better and more convenient compared to any other option.

-Bigger capacity than most other goggle batteries to spend your time flying and not charging!
-We asked GNB to use XT30 charging connector to keep it as compact as possible yet easy to charge just like your flight packs with your conventional lipo charger.
-Percentage checker so there are no surprises and annoying beeping from your goggles when you're in the final lap leading that race.
-High quality barrel connector with "spring loaded" side pins


Don't get too excited now :)

The "ON/OFF" button is ONLY for checking the percentage of the battery, it is NOT a power button.

This is a great choice for those who use external battery with the TBS CROSSFIRE and TBS CROSSFIRE LITE as well.
Just make sure to pick up one of our Dual Lock packs to attach the battery on the back of your radio.

Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage: 7.4V (2S)
Net Weight : 108g
Size: 72*38*21 mm
Connector Type: DC5.5mm, XT30U
Suit for  Fatshark Dominator Skyzone Aomway  Goggles FPV Goggles
Package Included:
1 x GNB 3000mAh Goggle battery

Battery Disclaimer:

Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries must be cared for properly when stored, and NEVER charged, balanced, or discharged unattended.
ALWAYS be in the same room within line of sight of charging or discharging batteries.
NEVER charge or discharge batteries on a flammable surface.
Failure to follow these instructions may result in fire, personal injury, and/or property damage.
By purchasing this battery, you agree that Pyrodrone and the battery manufacturer are in no way responsible for consumer battery charging and care, or any of the risks associated with Li-Pos or Li-Ions.