Fractal Engineering Fractal 75 Micro Whoop 2.0mm Bottom Plate Add-on

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Upgraded Bottom Plate 2.0mm for your Fractal 75 Micro Whoop

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The F75 comes with a 1.5mm thick carbon fiber bottom plate that already makes most builds near indestructible
But if you’re one of those savages going for an extra fast (2S?) or heavy (HD or cine) rig, or if you simply crash a lot, you could probably use all the extra strength that’s available on this god-given earth

Hence this 2.0mm bottom plate add-on;

It is not meant to replace the F75 kit, but it has all the extra 0.5mm thickness with finely narrowed beams to balance the extra strength and weight.

Package includes:

  • 1x 2.0mm CF bottom plate
  • 13x M1.4x6mm motor screws