Foxeer Aura 8" Long Range Frame Analog/O3/HDZero/Vista

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The new Aura 8" Long Range Frame from Foxeer  is a great choice for Long Range builds.
The frame can be built as Analog or HD setup, and as far as the Flight controller it adapts both 20x20m Stacks or whoop style Flight controllers.

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  • Material Toray T700 carbon
  • Wheelbase 367mm
  • Mounting hole 30.5*30.5mm for stack; 20x20mm/25.5*25.5mm/30.5x30.5mm at rear
  • Camera size 19x19/20x20mm
  • System Analog/Vista/DJI/HDZero/WalkSnail
  • Weight Weight 220g(excluded TPU Kit)

      Package Includes:

      • 4x 5.5mm Arm 16~19mm mounting
      • 1x 2.5mm Top Plate
      • 1x 2.5mm X-reinforce plate
      • 1x 2.5mm Bottom Plate
      • 2x 4mm Balance Pole
      • 8x Aluminum Column M3*Φ5.5*30
      • 4x Aluminum Column M3*30
      • 1x TPU 19mm/20mm Cam Mount
      • 1x TPU SMA Antenna Mount
      • 1x TPU ufl Antenna Mount
      • 4x TPU Arm guard/Motor Mount
      • 1x TPU DJI O3/250 GPS Mount
      • 1x TPU 915 Antenna Mount
      • 1x TPU 250 GPS Mount
      • 1x TPU M5 Action Cam Mount
      • 1x TPU Bottom Plate Front Protective Mount
      • 1x Battery Anti-slip Mat
      • 1x M5 Nut
      • 1x M5*20 Screw
      • 2x 300*20mm Strap