Foxeer 5.8G Lollipop 4 2.6dBi Omni Antenna 2pcs - UFL 165mm RHCP (Choose Color)

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 This is the 4th generation of your all time favorite Foxeer Lollipop antennas.
This latest version is even more durable thanks to its new stronger structure and uses gold plating technology that provides better signal.

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  • Center Frequency: 5.7GHz
  • Gain: 2.6dBi
  • Axial Ratio: Close to 1
  • Band Width: 5.5G~6GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 98%
  • SWR: 1.07 at Center Frequency
  • Polarization: RHCP
  • Case Material: PC+ABS
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Connector & Length: UFL 165mm *Overall Length)

Package Includes:

  • Foxeer 5.8G Lollipop 4 2.6dBi Omni Antenna 2pcs - UFL 165mm RHCP (Chosen Color)