Five33 Rip Sticks M3 Stick Ends - Choose Style

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Tired of your fingers moving around while flying? Rip sticks add extra GRIP to keep your fingers locked in place and your lines consistent.

This listing is for the M3 threaded stick ends. The M4 threaded version can be found HERE!

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  • Standard Version: Great for Pinchers!
  • MCKersion: Tailored to Minchan Kim’s needs. Compact, ALL THE GRIP, and make a pincher fall in love.
  • Thumber Version: Designed to keep your thumbs in place on even the most technical tracks.
  • Hyper Version: Tailored to Mason Lively’s needs. Dangerous looking & Ain’t Gon’ Slip
  • Hybrid Pinchers: Made for the Texas Boys

    Package Includes:

    • 2 x Five33 Rip Sticks M3 Stick Ends - Chosen Style
    • 2 x Locking Rings