Emax Hawk Apex 5" BNF/PNP 4S 2400KV W/ HDZero Digital FPV - Choose Receiver

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Improvement requires evolution, changing the status quo, and forming new normals. In our constant quest for self-improvement, a new meta has been formed through the Hawk Apex. In a game of predator and prey, every movement counts and every engineered detail plays a role. In a high stakes race, the ability to see clearly and the strength to efficiently cut corners matters more than anything. At EMAX we re-engineered the Hawk racing drone line into the best of its class.

The most critical key to performance is the clarity of your video transmission feed which is why the Hawk Apex features the all-new HD Zero VTX system. With astonishing low latency suited for high speed maneuvers, pilots will be able to respond faster to any obstacles in their way. Utilizing high definition clarity, pilots will be able to see small thin objects further away giving users the reaction time necessary to make critical decisions.

Featuring a redesigned power system, the Hawk Apex features a variety of flavors for each specific use case a pilot may require. When needing a more travel friendly set up or when faced with a tight racing course, the Hawk Apex offers a powertrain designed around 3.5" propellers on 2004 brushless motors, giving pilots a faster response and more powerful torque for quick recovery and short turns. In situations where a racing course may have longer straight sections making a higher top speed more necessary, the Hawk Apex features a flavor with 5" propellers on a 2004 brushless system to maximize efficiency and the top end of the motor. With 4S and 6S options, choosing the right drone has never been easier.

Included in the redesigned powertrain are brand new Avia propellers in 3.5" and 5" flavors which focus the most on flight time and performance. With a nonlinear torque curve designed to match the needs of racing pilots, control and throttle response are achieved making the aerodynamics of the Hawk Apex the top of its class.

Consistent to the design goals EMAX sets ahead for every project is to maintain durability and reliability, which has been reaffirmed with the Hawk Apex. Featuring a lighter weight frame design with aerospace-grade carbon fiber, strength is maintained while keeping the drone race-ready for any high stakes racing event.

The Hawk Apex encapsulates everything our engineers have learned in all the years of being a top performer in professional drone racing, raising the bar again with an all new racing standard.

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  • Wheelbase: 210mm
  • Motor: ECO II 2004 2400KV (4S)
  • Propeller: Avia 5030 Tri-blade
  • Weight (excluding battery): 190g
  • AIO: STM32F722 + 4 IN 1 25A ESC
  • VTX: HDZero Whoop VTX
  • Camera: Runcam Nano HDZero
  • VTX Antenna: EMAX Nano Antenna UFL
  • BNF Variant Receiver: EMAX ExpressLRS 2.4GHz RX
  • Recommended Battery: 850mAh 4S XT30 (4S 2400kv)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Emax Hawk Apex 5" BNF/PNP 4S 2400KV W/ HDZero Digital FPV - Chosen Receiver

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