Camera Butter Glass ND Filter Set (ND4, ND8, ND16) For DJI FPV Camera

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Make the best FPV system ever better!  High quality Neutral Density filter and Circular polarizing filter made to fit the DJI FPV System (NOT the DJI FPV Drone!), will fit on both the DJI FPV camera and the Caddx fpv camera.

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Why use ND filters on your DJI system?

If you record on your DVR, they can:

  • reduce or eliminate jello
  • smooth out your video
  • add a nice, creamy cinematic motion blur

For your FPV feed, they can:

reduce the 'jittery-ness" of the digital feed

  • match the motion blur on your action camera if you use ND filters on it so you can see what it's recording
  • smooth out your video to help give you better flow
  • protect your camera

Circular polarizing filters can increase contrast and reduce glare (especially from reflected surfaces like water and glass).  Simply turn the CPL filter to adjust.

The filters comprise of a 3d-printed sleeve that fits over the camera, and an optical neutral density glass filter that is nanocoated to repel water and make fingerprints easy to clean off.

You can remove the glass from the sleeve to clean it (just remember which way points out).

Check your frame for fit: The filter adapter is 17mm wide at the camera lens, and flares out to about 22mm wide at about 4mm in front of the camera lens.

ND Strength suggestions:

ND4: Cloudy, overcast

ND8: Partially cloudy, some sun

ND16: Regular daylight

ND32: Very bright sun

CPL filter tips:

After you install the CPL filter, point the camera at an object, water or general area, and turn the filter to adjust so you can maximize the effect.  

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Camera Butter Glass ND Filter Set (ND4, ND8, ND16) For DJI FPV Camera