Brain3D Solder Desk V1.0 - Choose Color (Desk ONLY, NO Helping Hands)

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The Brain3D Solder Desk is a must have if you want to make soldering easier! 

Please note the 2 x Magnetic 3rd Hands are not included.
You can purchase the 3rd hand soldering tool from Amazon - Third Hand

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  • 30 x 30 - 20 x 20 - 25.5 x 25.5 standoff mounting patterns for soldering FC, AIO and more! (4 hex standoffs included)
  • Storage area for included hex standoffs
  • Hardware storage compartment with built in magnet
  • Pre-installed metal discs in the top left and right corner for magnetic 3rd hands (not included)
  • Connector solder area for easily soldering battery leads XT60 - XT30 - XT90 - BT2.0
  • Pre-installed rubber feet so the Solder Desk grips your work surface!


Important Notes:

When removing the 3rd hand arms please slide them off the metal discs. The metal discs are glued in place so pulling the magnets straight up may result in the discs lifting.

This is 3D printed. So please be careful not to touch your soldering iron to the print or the hex standoffs. We are not responsible for this 3D print melting. If you overheat your connectors or touch the iron to the print, it will melt. Please use the best soldering technique as you can. :)


Package Includes:

  • 1x Brain3D Solder Desk V1.0 - Chosen Color