BetaFPV Whoop Canopy for Micro Camera

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Adopt with injection molding technique, this canopy is more durable and flexible, best choice for all micro cameras with 1/3'' lens like C01 Pro camera or with the 1/4'' lens like C01 camera. It is also compatible for all whoop drones which is with micro camera, like Meteor65 and Beta85 pro 2. 

Bullet Point

  • Adopt with injection molding technique, this canopy is more durable, anti-ruin and heat-resistant, provide well protection for the whoop drone.  
  • Best replacement for the old generation of canopy on all whoop drones with micro camera.
  • Thoughtful designs for 1/3'' lens camera like C01 Pro camera and 1/4'' lens camera like C01 camera, compatible with all whoop frames like Beta65S frame, Beta65S Lite frame, Beta85 Pro 2 frame, Meteor65 frame and Meteor75 frame
  • Light weight 1.31g/pc. And 6 colors in White/Black/Blue/Pink/Green/Orange

Camera Mounts 

We provide 2 different size of camera mounts for 1/3'' lens camera like C01 Pro camera and 1/4'' lens camera like C01 camera.


      • Item: Micro canopy
      • Material: PP
      • Tilt: 30° (Unadjustable)
      • Weight: 1.31g/pc
      • Color: White/Black/Blue/Pink/Green/Orange
      • Adapted Frame: HX100SE/ Beta65S/ Beta65S Lite/ Beta85 pro2/ Meteor65/ Meteor75


      • 1 * Micro Canopy (White/Black/Blue/Pink/Green/Orange)
      • 1 * Camera Mount for 1/3" Lens Camera (C01 Pro camera)
      • 1 * Camera Mount for 1/4" Lens Camera (C01 Cam)
      • 1 set of  M1.2*4 Screws