BetaFPV 4-5S Whoop Cable Pigtail - XT60

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This power cable with XT60 connector is specially made for 4-5S whoop drone, soldered with the capacitor specification with 25V/680μF, for protecting ESC board, reducing the defective rate caused by the instantaneous high voltage,
Its supportive power is up to 4-5S, fits for F4 AIO 20A FC and X-Knight 4'' quad.

Bullet Point

  • This XT60 plug connector has added the electrolytic capacitor specification with 25V/680μF, for protecting ESC board
  • Adopted heat-resistant soft silicone cable, the maximum temperature resistance is 200℃
  • BETAFPV XT60 plug male connector is fitting for F4 AIO 20A toothpick FC and 4S X-Knight 4inch FPV toothpick quadcopter
  • The power cable with XT60 plug male connector can support 4-5S power. You are able to use with F4 AIO 20A toothpick FC and X-Knight 4inch FPV toothpick quadcopter, get more punch on power
  • XT60 plug male connector has 80mm length with 16AWG silicone cable, weighs 8.9g/pc


    • Power: 4-5S
    • Weight: 8.2g/pc
    • Connector: XT60
    • Length: 80mm(Including the plug)
    • Maximum Temperature resistance: 200°C
    • Electrolytic Capacitor Specification: 25V/680μ
    • Wire: 16AWG Heatproof Soft Silicone Cable
    • Application: F4 AIO 20A FC- Whoop version, Toothpick version  / X-Knight 4'' quad


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