31mm SMA/Capacitor Mount

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If you fly FPV and care about the heart of your drone (4in1 ESC) then you use a capacitor on it which means you know how
finicky they can be with those thin wires breaking and bending easily in crashes or "hard landings" which most of the time results in shorts.

This TPU mount will help solve that problem once and for all, it will hold both the ufl SMA or MMCX SMA  pigtail and the capacitor at
the perfect distance from your props and the stack preventing kinking the SMA pigtail.
Designed for the Floss 3.0 race frame but should be compatible with pretty much any frame that uses 31mm stand off spacing in the back,
The capacitor we recommend is the Panasonic 1000UF low ESR but if you want to use another one just make sure the diameter is around 12.75mm for perfect snug fit.

Package include:

Weight:2.7 Grams

Design Credit:
Kevin Pascal
Check out his awesome long range videos
Instagram @KEV_PV
Youtube Kev PV