Pyrodrone & FPV Freedom Coalition

FPV Freedom Coalition & PyroDrone's fight against FAA Remote ID

PyroDrone is thrilled to announce our partnership with FPV Freedom Coalition in the fight against FAA Remote ID. To support this good cause, please help by becoming a member on their website.

Who is the FPV Freedom Coalition?

The FPV Freedom Coalition has donated thousands of hours of their time to:

  • Engage with the community on the status of regulations, happenings at the FAA, and what’s coming in the future.
  • Developed relationships with other individuals and organizations to strengthen the support of FPV throughout the industry
  • Responded to the FAA’s Remote ID NPRM in March 2020
  • Participated in 5 FAA Drone Advisory Committee Tasking Groups. Led 2 sub-groups. Presented results three times since June 2019 and influenced the recommendations to the FAA on every DAC Tasking Group it has participated in.
  • Provide education on safety and regulations at no charge on its website
  • Selected by the FAA to provide advice on the Recreational Knowledge Exam administration

Why should I become a member?

Your membership dues fund the FPV Freedom Coalition to:

  • Travel to DAC meetings and FPV events
  • Fund Legal Fees
  • Pay for web services and other IT expenses
  • Represent the FPV community in FAA Drone Advisory Committees

PyroDrone Join Hands with FPV Freedom Coalition

Please support the efforts of the FPV Freedom Coalition by becoming a member!

PyroDrone endorses the FPV Freedom Coalition:

What an endorsement means:

An endorsement means we have evaluated what the FPV Freedom Coalition has accomplished and researched the principals of the FPV Freedom Coalition. We have been following the accomplishments of the FPV Freedom Coalition since they incorporated in early 2018, and based on their perseverance and generosity in donating time and getting results, we will support the FPV Freedom Coalition’s efforts!

PyroDrone’s goals in this partnership:

As one of the leaders in the recreational UAS industry, PyroDrone feels it is our obligation to support organizations working to maintain our right to fly FPV. In what we have seen from the FPV Freedom Coalition team, they know the FAA regulations as well as we know FPV components. We feel the expertise they have demonstrated and their professional representation of FPV to the FAA is reflective of how PyroDrone wants to pursue the fight to retain our rights to fly.


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